5 a.m.

Illustration Source: http://e-shuushuu.net/image/?image_id=309959

I imagined, when I was 15, that my 5 a.m’s would be different.
I imagined waking up with nature, cold but content.

I imagined 5 a.m walks along a solitary lake bordering the forests.
I imagined my reflection in that freezing water.
I saw eyes filled with promise and a desire to change the world.
I saw beauty. And peace.
I heard, in my mind, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet as I neared a warm wooden cottage.
I remember…a face and a smile. I can only recall the way they made me feel.
It felt like someone had opened a window into my soul and light was pouring in to overflowing.
There was a laugh too, rich and deep, and it seemed to ignite that light within me into endless tingles, setting that forlorn soul of mine in motion.
And I could hear, quite clearly, the one question in my mind:

“When has a cold, cloudy 5 a.m morning ever felt this warm?”

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