The Art of Being Beautiful

“So have faith in what you know: that the sky is blue, that Art is Art and that Beauty is Beauty.”

Art by: Sharon Cummings

There is no shame in being beautiful in a way others do not understand. Do not hang your head because you are not what “Beauty” looks like.

Beauty can be foreign, strange or unconventional, sometimes all three at once.

Think of Art. There are endless types of Art, countless styles and movements and a horde of disciplines. There is Art that is conventional, Art that everybody will like, and then there is Art that people don’t know how to like, because they do not understand it. But it is still Art, and there will be people who understand. Or even others who want to understand it ,perhaps because and not in spite of its difference.

But there will also be those who disregard Art as not being Art. That is sad indeed for them, as they will live in a world with even less Art in it.

But their opinions do not move mountains. They cannot decide that the sky is not blue and suddenly it is not blue anymore. They have no power but that of persuasion. If they tell you the sky is red over and over, you might start believing them, you might start seeing that the sky is, in fact, a little red. So have faith in what you know: that the sky is blue, that Art is Art and that Beauty is Beauty.

It does not matter that you are music and she is painted art. It has no importance that you are realistic and he is abstract. Brush strokes or crayons, paper or clay, Minimalism or  Surrealism. It does not matter.

Art is Art and Beauty is Beauty.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Being Beautiful”

  1. This reminded me of an article I read a while ago. It said don’t be a crehator. If you can’t appreciate creativity then don’t inflict your opinions on others who create (creators). Better keep it to yourself because you haven’t understood it yet.

    Beautiful thought btw 🙂


    1. I agree, because not being able to see beauty in something does not mean it’s not there. It just takes a little open-mindedness, a little craziness or weirdness, sometimes it even takes special circumstances to understand beauty. And that’s at least a little amazing. Thanks for your comment, it really made me think 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I’m sorry about that, I usually try to credit artists as far as possible, but I think I wasn’t able to find who the artist was in that case. I’ll gladly update the source. Oh and thank you for creating this lovely piece! 🙂


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