New Blog, Who Dis?


I don’t know how many times I’ve been here, sitting down, staring at the screen, trying to write this post. But,um, hey there!

You might be thinking that you never subscribed to a blog with this name, but actually, you have. In a not-surprising plot twist, it’s the blog that has actually undergone a name change. Why, you ask? Because the previous name was a little cringy. Just a bit. So, yeah, Of All Things Beautiful has turned into Young Adult,Old Soul. Is the new name slightly less cringe-worthy? Maybe. Maybe not. Crossing my fingers here.

But just letting you know that the blog has changed names and that it will be active once more 🙂

I hope you keep enjoying the blog.

Anonymously yours,

5 thoughts on “New Blog, Who Dis?”

    1. Haha, thanks Chandan, your comments are always appreciated 🙂 That old name was a bit embarrassing to say out loud though lol and I feel the new name is more representative of the stuff I write about ^_^


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