A World of Rainy Days

“I’m really not sure what it is about rainy days that washes away some of the aches of living. What it is that dissolves your troubles in muddy puddles…”

Gif by: Unknown

The door to one of the other worlds has opened.

It is raining and I feel like I have stepped into another realm.

Several layers of fog have settled by the mountains, obscuring the landscape. They say that rain is the sky crying, but I don’t really feel sad.

If nothing else, I feel a little more alive, a little younger, lighter, too. Maybe it’s because in the world of rainy days, little time has passed. After all, for how many cumulative days of my life has it rained? Maybe a year or two. Maybe that’s why I feel like a child. Why my fingers are itching to grab some coloured paper, pens and make paperboats. To throw them from the first floor and watch as they hurtle down the gutter, all the while crying out their names like it was a horse race.

I’m really not sure what it is about rainy days that washes away some of the aches of living. What it is that dissolves your troubles in muddy puddles. But my mind is clearer now. As though all the fog from inside had been forced to the foot of the mountains.

There’s just something about rain that eases my mind. Something soothing, cathartic. Maybe it is the manifestation that Nature is alive. That we may live on this Earth but ultimately, regardless of our personal beliefs, there is something greater than all of us. Something to stop us from going too far, from destroying everything we’ve ever known. Like the steadying arms of your parents on the bicycle handle when you first learned how to ride a bike and you thought you were going to crash. As amazing as it is to have someone encourage you to do anything you want, it’s also important to have someone who can tell you that you should probably stop somewhere.

But it may just be that I love the pitter-patter of rain on rooftops and window panes, this sound that is like the heartbeat of the Earth. Maybe that’s why we are so inclined to rest, to sleep in, because it feels safe, like the sound of a heartbeat in your ears.

And then there’s that moment after the rain, as the petrichor fills the air. There is this cool breeze that wraps around you like a new beginning.

But of course, at first, all you see is the dirty water that’s running down in rivulets, dead leaves and branches . It might look dirtier than before, but the truth is that it is the rain that drove out these impurities and cleansed even the most unattainable places. Rooftops, glass panes on skyscrapers, and sometimes even that little speck of darkness in your eyes that obscures your enjoyment of this world.


Note: This is Day 14 of my little NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge. You can find the entry for the previous day here. And if you really love rain like I do, I also wrote another little something about it a while ago.

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