Fleeting Little Phenomenon

Art by: David Ng

“Aren’t you angry,” you asked “that we met only now, and we already have to say goodbye?”

I would have been grateful for even one day. For even the blink of an eye. Shooting stars and meteor showers are fleeting, too. Should we be angry that they couldn’t last longer? And yet, with these goodbyes, it’s so hard to focus. All I can think about are all the hellos they will bring with them. We have too little time to be upset. Whether it is a week or 60 years. It will never be enough time. Only infinity would ever satisfy us.

Am I angry? I haven’t given myself time to be.

It’s so rare, this. I can’t complain. My days are filled with thank yous to the Universe.

It is paradoxical, too.

That there will never be enough time. And yet however much of it we will get will be enough. Because this, this is like a comet we could have never caught at all. Something that only happens every hundred or thousand years. The requirements for this to happen were something along the lines of: to have been born on a Sunday at 13:03:56, gone to 3 different high schools, have had a friend called Dudley, seen a peacock every 2.5 years, worn green every other Tuesday, taken the bus 156 times a year and hated watermelon for half your life. If even one day had happened differently, could you honestly say life would have happened the same?

This thing we have is as beautiful as a meteor shower. And how lucky we are to have caught it. How lucky we are, that we do not have to spend the rest of our lives wondering.

Note: Ahhh, today is the last day. This is Day 30 of my little NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge. I wanted to end on something that said: “Ends are beginnings”. I’ve strayed a little from the intended goal, but I hope you liked it and that you’ve been enjoying these 30 days of writing. It’s certainly helped me understand my writing better. And with this, I guess this is the end of NaNoWriMo this year. Who knows, maybe next year…


4 thoughts on “Fleeting Little Phenomenon”

  1. Over the last 30 days I have read all your entries and I’m so glad that you completed this challenge successfully. I could never be enough thankful to you for your writings. Over the last month, I’ve witnessed you growing into an amazing writer, I’ve seen myself connecting to your stories, I’ve felt myself being attached to your words.

    I had deliberately refrained myself from commenting on each of them because I wanted to observe your wonderful content as a silent reader and eagerly wait for the next one each day without you knowing it. Each day a story would land into my feed which would relieve my troubled self as if it has attained solace. Thanks a lot once again! Keep writing.

    P.S – Now I’m thinking of going back and re-read each entry of NaNoWriMo and comment my thoughts on them. What say? 😛

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    1. Ahhh,I am so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying this past month! It’s really all anyone could ask for.Thank you for all your encouragement and for all the thought you put in your words, it’s much appreciated 🙂 . And you know your thoughts are always welcome 😛


  2. Beautiful. I will continue to follow what you write from now. Do you have plans for what you’ve written this month? I hope that whatever you choose to do with it more people will get to read it and your future writing too. xx

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