Hiding In Between Worlds


I have been feeling for some time now, dome-shaped glass pressing against my back. Something cool and constricting that has me twisting my spine to espouse its shape.

I am outgrowing my comfort zone. This place that started out as a getaway and then, piece by piece, turned into my whole world. This place where Time passes, but not really. This place where nothing ever grows.

Nothing, not even me. Certainly not me.

But every time I go out, I return more substantial. Greater than what I started out as.  And each time, my comfort zone seems smaller. Each time, I have to tuck in my limbs and bow my head, careful not to spill over.

A comfort zone is safe. And we all need that. During years where life is not easy, it is the only place you can breathe. It is the only way you can live. It is the kind of place that is separated from the world, like a Christmas ornament hanging on a tree, overlooking the world, connected to it via a single thread . The kind of place with its own stratosphere, where you can redefine all the laws of the world and turn physics upside down. A place that could be everything you want it to be—and yet, a place that is often small. A space fit for one. A space you have to shrink yourself to fit into. Like you’re stuck in the closet between two worlds.

But my heart is growing bigger now. My brain bubbling with new ideas and wild concepts. Itinerant bits of poetry and pieces of people are finding home in that body now. I am catching onto threads of destiny, getting ever linked to the outside world. I am turning out to be too much for that small place. I cannot contain myself, not anymore.

One day, soon, I will spill. I will burst.

And I will find out that that spherical comfort zone was actually contained in a larger one. That, like the Earth, it is composed of layers. And one day, I will outgrow that one, too. And the next, and the next…

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10 thoughts on “Hiding In Between Worlds”

  1. Great post. And I believe that life is all about stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s the only way to grow, to expand your consciousness, to become more than what you really are. Truth is, as nice as it feels to live inside your own little bubble, where nothing bad tends to happen, it will eventually become a prison if you spend too much time there. It will eventually seem impossible to break out of your web of routines, to break free from your comfort zone.

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    1. Thank you, and I couldn’t agree more. Comfort zones kindof keep you frozen in life and time. So there’s really just that one version of yourself to be. And yeah, it does become a prison. And it seems such a shame to live a life like that. Devoid of risks and hurt, yes, but devoid of everything else too. I like the wording “web of routines”, it really does emphasise how much of a trap routine can be. Never thought of it that way.


    1. Thank you for reading ❤ Haha, it's good to find someone with the same musical tastes, it's a tragedy but most people I know don't share mine lol. I'm a sucker for lyrics, so really, "You took my soul and wiped it clean" had me sold the first time I heard it.

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      1. For sure 😊My favorite is “Brand New Day”. Currently listening to The Paper Kites, maybe you’ll like them too 🙂


        1. I haven’t listened to “Brand New Day” in a while, but seems like a good song to start the year with 🙂 Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve been on the lookout for good music, and there’s something fresh and a little wild about this band 🙂

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          1. Yes, the words remind me that each day (or moment) is a chance to start over 🙂 And I’m glad you liked Paper Kites. Feel free to send any recs my way 🙂


  2. Yes, that’s exactly the feeling 🙂 But it’s also definitely something to listen to on roadtrips. I don’t have any artists in particular to recommend, but every so often, I’ll find myself listening to the acoustic version of ‘Malibu’ by Miley Cyrus. I don’t mind the original version, but the acoustic one is really something else. Something soft and tranquil. Kindof like the simplest versions of happiness.


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