2 a.m. In My Part of the World

“So know that if one day you’ve wondered about a stranger on the other side of the world,  if you’ve lived through 2 a.ms that seemed surreal and strangely detached, if one lonely night you have thought of me, I have thought of you, too.”

Art by: Aenami

I fell asleep to the sounds of thunder ripping apart the skies, and to the pitter-patter of rain soothing its pains. The vaporous veil of sleep fluttered against my eyelids and I fell gently into unconsciousness, the way a feather flutters to the ground.

Later, I awoke to a semi-realistic world and to puddles left on my balcony. My fingers, which had been so gently stained by watercolour, probed the cool surface. Once, a younger version of me had believed that there were forgotten cities and dormant forests hidden on the other side of puddles. That, if you weren’t careful (or if came your time for an adventure) your curious, probing finger would get sucked into whole other worlds. Other times, an older, quieter me would glide her fingers over these cool puddles and believe they were portals to places where it had also rained in the world. But not many people knew that.

I imagined my heart growing, aching as it did, as I left the lonely morning  in my part of the world to reach a cold balcony bathed in night, in some restless city. And right there, would be another version of me. Someone who did not look like me, who did not speak the language I did, who did not believe the things I did. But someone just like me in all the ways that mattered. Someone with a flickering inner light, cloaked in gentle loneliness.

There would be wonder. Delight. Two flickering lights would halfway meet, and like the dying fire of two candles, would each rekindle the other. There was a lot of quietness, of bathing in the soft glow of unspoken friendship, of not being alone on cold nights.

But there was an ache, too. The piercing constriction and expansion of hearts growing redder, fuller. As the night wore on, dreams and fears spilled into the milky way, over the city. There was something so simple and yet so singularly important about it. About sharing an overwhelming loneliness into the uncaring night.

The stars witnessed it all.

But they never saw the goodbyes that were really farewells, the “sleep wells” that veritably meant: “Please have a good life, be happy. I’m rooting for you.”. Because it was only by morning that the puddles would dry and life on the other side would call.  And we would never meet again. Because the same kind of rain never falls twice.

And now, today, on my balcony, as I watch the clear yet somber skies, I remember all the people I have thought of in my life. All those idle moments when I realised: “Oh! It’s someone’s birthday today!” or “Someone in the world is doing the exact thing I am doing right now.” and “I wonder how many other people are watching the exact same moon in this moment.”.

So know that if one day you’ve wondered about a stranger on the other side of the world,  if you’ve lived through 2 a.ms that seemed surreal and strangely detached, if one lonely night you have thought of me, I have thought of you, too.


14 thoughts on “2 a.m. In My Part of the World”

    1. Ahhh, I’m so happy you think so. This sort of haziness and “I just woke up and the world is still blurry” kind of surrealism is something I really want to write down. I’m never sure I can do it like I want to, but I’m really really glad you think so ❤ Thank you for reading and commenting! ^^

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  1. Gorgeous! Atmospheric, dreamy, you create these otherworlds I wish I could live in. I do this too, imagine the lives of strangers, what they’re doing at a certain moment. And I love the idea of someone I don’t know doing the same, thinking of me.

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    1. Ahh, thank you ❤ Although to me, otherworlds tend to be more of a temporary thing. Never something you can live in (although one wishes lol). It's always like a dip in the pool to help wash away the grime and dust of everyday living. I'm glad if I can somehow help towards that 😀 I love guessing at people's lives, especially knowing I will probably not see them again, ever. It also makes the whole of human experience seem much less lonely. In that we exist in someone else's existence, basically. Makes me feel just a little more alive when I think of it.

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          1. So sorry I missed this! I love giving/getting book recs 🙂 I think I have an idea, but before I send some can you tell me some of your favorite writers, genres or recent books?

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            1. Ahh, no worries! And thank you for indulging me ❤ Uh, I read a lot of fantasy, things with magic realism and anything with a psychology theme. YA is not really a genre, but I do read YA books every now and then. Lately, I've been reading dystopia-themed novels (Fahrenheit 450, Brave New World) some Murakami and Le Clezio. I don't really like biographies as a whole and my all-time favourite is "The Little Prince". Haha welp, that was long. Honestly, I'll be happy with anything you can recommend 🙂

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            2. Okay so these are some of the books that come to mind (based on mood/atmosphere, sense of place, your writing and the books you’ve mentioned).

              The Lake by Banana Yoshimoto
              A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
              We Were Liars by E.L. Lockhart
              Andorra by Peter Cameron
              Angela Carter’s short stories
              The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
              Carol by Patrica Highsmith

              And a movie, Daydream Nation which reminds me just a little of your writing 😊

              Let me know which if any appeal and I’ll send others when I think of them 💛

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            3. Ahhh thankyouthankyouthankyou for putting so much thought into this ❤ This looks like such an amazing list! Aha, you've also hit the bullseye because I've actually already read "A Hundred Years of Solitude" and have loved it. I will try all of them out (and the movie too!), especially the one by Banana Yoshimoto, because any book written by someone named Banana must be amazing lol. Thank you again, I'll gladly let you know how it goes ❤

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            4. Only a pleasure, I could happily make book lists all day 😊And I’m sure you’ll enjoy Banana Yoshimoto — try “Kitchen” too. Happy reading! 💛📚


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