Today, as it is.

Young Adult Old Soul Writing Magic Realism

So naturally pink! It looks like the sky has been dyed in cotton candy colours, like you could reach out, pluck a piece of the sky and put it in your mouth. It is the exact shade I rave about endlessly in my blog posts and I cannot get enough of it.

I tried going up the roof to capture that colour without any inconvenience, but it just did not look the same. And I found myself being grateful for being exactly where I was in life. I was suddenly grateful for how the whole day had gone, for how it lead up to me looking up at the right place, at the right time to witness that sky.

Most days I have so many regrets. So many forever unanswered what-ifs that taunt me. Yet today, I was grateful to be just where I was. And to have been where I have been because without it, without the good and the bad, I would not have today, as it is.

Young Adult Old Soul Writing Magic Realism

Note : I realise on certain screens the pink colour does not really appear. Plus, I’m not really a photographer either so bear with me kindly.

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3 thoughts on “Today, as it is.”

  1. It drives me crazy when the camera doesn’t quite capture the wonder and beauty my eyes can see. But your pictures are beautiful. I feel the same way you described when the clouds turn the perfect mix of pink and blue and create a shade of purple no crayon could ever recreate! And I know that feeling you described, where no matter what has happened up to the point where you looked into the sky, suddenly everything is at peace and you’re just content with the moment. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. So glad to hear from you again Heather 😊 I sometimes feel maybe I’m the only one feeling the things I do, but it’s always such a relief to find someone to whom ot is natural to feel the same. I am so happy if this brought you some kind of joy. Thank you for reading! ☺️

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