Who are you?

Collage by: Unknown

I am a mess-maker.

A hobby-hopper. A pull-every-crayon-outer, a faded enthusiast, a leave-behind-a-trail-of-passions-gone-colder. I am an interest-plucker, an endless well of curiosity.

I am light, reflected and magnified, travelling from the cosmos to forest and hillside and to that particular corner of a kitchen somewhere, sometime in the afternoon.

I am perfume that spreads through the air. I am here and there, in this moment and the next and the one before. I am a blade of grass waving to the sky, a raven remembering a face, a raindrop falling on someone’s shoulder. I am scattered, everywhere all at once. I am gone, as short-lived as I am intense. I am an imprint, a scar you can’t forget, a vertiginous sensation you cannot describe, a feeling you will never feel again.

I am a falling star that you forget as soon as the morning comes.

I am an old song that clings to your skin, a childhood memory you will remember at a crossroad in your life. I am someone you’ve never met before, but who you’ve known for millennia. I am the last of my kind β€” a quiet extinction. I am a disappearance no one notices, but which leaves the world changed, silent.

I am a softness you did not know existed. I am a warmth you thought you would not find again. I am the last kite you ever flew; the last time you saw your primary school friends. I am the embrace you never wanted to leave; that one love you kept hidden. I am a calm sea, a deserted beach on a weekday. I am a truth you’ve lost to the years.

I am a morning that comes when you don’t want it to.

I am a dawn after the darkest night.

I am the solemn words of a person of faith. I am a piece of Fate. A common flower that grows on the side of the path you walk everyday. I am the plastic bag flying in the wind. The new poster superimposed on layers of old paper and glue. I am too many sensations, I am nothingness.

I am a chance, a breath.

I am one spark of light, millions of years ago.

Note: This very conveniently started out as me documenting how much of a mess I can be and then the right song played and it ended up being about something else. As always, sending my warmest thoughts your way!


26 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. Reblogged this on Ananda Only and commented:
    Sharing a piece by a young girl named Ilah, which I found bewitchingly beautiful . It blends the mundane with the sublime, the artistic with the mystical, gentle contemplation with soaring transcendence

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  2. This is quite the most beautiful piece I’ve read in a while. Cuts right through brain and reaches down to that place somewhere between heart and spirit and memory!

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    1. I’m happy that this was able to reach you dear Bhanu ☺️ It’s such a relief to be able to express the things one can’t quite put a finger on usually.


  3. I love this light, exuberance and poetic version of you. Keep shining your light ✨
    Yes – it isn’t about you but what you can bring to the world. This is your calling. Follow it. With love and light πŸ’•πŸ•ŠπŸŽˆπŸ₯°πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’

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  4. Ilah, this is a wonderful piece. It has the hallmark of Meister Eckhart, the great German mystic. It is not a piece about you, a person, but you as pure awareness, that one which we all are eternally. Just like flowers, bodies come and go, their experiences come and go, but awareness lives on eternally. This is what I felt reading this brilliant little prose poem. I can see why Ananda shared this with me. Be well Ilah, and keep writing. It’s excellect!
    Read in Kansas City, MO USA.

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    1. Thank you for your exceedingly kind words, Maurylee. I was all feeling when I wrote this and could not quite grasp what it was I was truly writing, just that it mattered. Your comment really shed light on this all, so I thank you kindly and send light your way ❀

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      1. Yes, I felt the same way reading your piece as you did writing it. It flowed through you and you just jotted it down. You were just a vehicle for getting the flow on paper. You did a good job doing that!

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