About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet !

I studied journalism and now I work as a writer. But you don’t really want to know all that. This is the place where I publish some of my writing, my daydreams, my little finds. It is a curation of my own scrambled thoughts, art I love, music I’m listening to and even things I am reading, occasionally.

This blog is many things to me. It is like a cottage in the countryside with a chimney softly puffing out smoke, the inside lit with an orange glow. It is like a day out, alone in open fields where the breeze blows patterns into the grass. It is a cold, rainy day spent inside, wrapped in a blanket, the warmth of a hot mug seeping into your hands. It is a day at the beach, feet grazed by soft sand crystals that wash away as soon as you dip your feet in the water. It is watching the way the sunlight creates patterns on the ground when it streams through the gaps and folds of leaves. It is 2 a.m. conversations on rooftops. Liminal spaces, comforts and home and lostness.

It is all these places and more.

I hope you find something in here (writing, art, music…) that adds something to your day. Something meaningful, wonderful, fun, silly.

See you around in the blogosphere,


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