Taking a new step forward


Without me looking, 2 years have passed in a blur of weeks and posts that were never quite ready to be published on time. I never imagined I would keep something up for 2 years, or that I would be any good at it. But it has brought me so much, from the things I’ve been able to write to the people I have met here. At the very least, blogging has made me believe in my own abilities a little more.

I’ve said it time and again, that I’m not really a “good” writer. I’ve got so much yet to learn. But I want to have a little more faith in what I do. I want to believe in the kind words people have gone out of their way to say to me. I want to honour the time spent, both yours and mine, on this blog. Soooo, I’m taking a step forward and actually participating in a writing competition. A sortof big deal kind of writing competition.

I’m not making it out to be a big deal, I’m not in it to win, I think I just want to say “I am here.”. But I will be giving it my best shot, too. It’ll be one of the first fictional stories I will be writing in a long while, but honestly, I just want to try. And see what happens or not. Win or lose, I will either gain a lot more than I bargained for or I will have the satisfaction of having no regrets.

Most of all, I cannot thank you enough for these 2 years. It’s been much more than I could have expected. I really hope it’s been worth the while for you.

With endless thanks,