Honouring Time.

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Art by Anna Macht

I’m sorry.

I apologise for all the minutes I laid to waste, all the hours I let slip through my fingers. I apologise for all the days I ignored adventure’s call, when I chose fear over living and let precious youth waste away. I apologise for all the days I stayed in—not to sink in the warm comforts of home, not to enjoy restful solitude, but to lose myself in a nameless void that leaves me with burning eyes and the sinking feeling that I have done nothing for myself. Like I’ve done nothing with the time that, everyday, is loaned to me.

I’m sorry for not going to cafés alone for fear of judgement, for not spontaneously slipping into old, cobbled roads when I wanted to because I let myself be afraid of what could be out there.

Most of all, I apologise for all the people I never met because I did not reach out. I couldn’t bring myself to speak past the lump in my throat, past the bad experiences that make it hard to talk to people. I apologise for all the wonderful lives I’m not living. I’m sorry for not picking up the phone, for not dialling up that number. I’m sorry for not taking up that scholarship offer.

Truly I apologise for all the time I did not honour. I apologise for all the times I believed fear was more important than life, not realising that life is only passing and fear is its death sentence.

I now believe that you stop living when you let fear take over. When you would rather exist in safety than take one step out of bounds. I’ve done that. For years, I let all manners of fear rule my life. Well, guess what? I’ve traversed to the other side of fear. I’ve been through some of my deepest, darkest fears and still I live.

I can hide all I want. The worst will still happen. The day will come when fear barges in through my door, shatters all my walls. And I will not hide.

This blog is not dead (A lesson in apologies and doing the right thing)


I don’t usually do posts like these, speaking as myself (?) It feels like breaking the fourth wall. But I’ve recently discovered that you must do the right thing, even if no one cares. You must do the right thing, even if it’s a little embarrassing. This blog hasn’t been very active these past weeks (past month?) and I’m sorry for that.

It happened like many things do in Life, you don’t expect something to happen or to last very long, but when you look back, you realise it has already become a part of your life, a thing. Sometimes, you wake up and you’re 60 and you realise you’ve spent your whole life doing that job you swore you hated and pushing aside the dreams your little heart once held. But I’m lucky enough that I didn’t wake up to be 60, with a lifetime of regret. Sure, I’m a little old(er?) now (Although, define old) but if my ability to dramatise is still intact, I can safely say that all is not lost. It might be a little silly, going to these lengths for something like that. But this blog has become somewhat important to me, and it’s not silly to care about the things that are important to you, whether the thing in question is a broken old toy, an inside joke between you and your best friend or even someone.

So, this blog is back. And I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it.
Until the next time Life happens.

Anonymously yours,
Of All Things Beautiful.