101st post! + A (small) Surprise


A hundred (and one) posts!!

It wasn’t even on my bucket list, because I don’t have one. But I didn’t know I needed it there until it was. I never thought I’d make it to a hundred posts. I didn’t think there was enough to my imagination to make a hundred posts out of, and yet, here we are.

And because I can’t leave well enough alone…




I’m doing NaNoWriMo!

But not, “write a novel” NaNoWriMo, because there isn’t a novel in me yet. But just pieces of writing, everyday for a month. I don’t know myself how it’ll turn out. I don’t have anything planned yet. But that’s the great part, isn’t it? It’s an adventure. You don’t know how it will turn out, but you’re hoping to have fun on the way, wander around a little, befriend a few dragons, find out what the meaning of life and existence is…Yeah okay, a month seems a little short for that. If it had been a 31-days month then maybe there’d have been a chance. But it had to be November, didn’t it.

But here’s the thing. I’m not planning on posting 30 pieces in total at the end of the month. I know there’ll be days when I’ll write more than that, and I’ll post them all on the same day. And on the days I can’t seem to write…well, I’ll scrape by. We’ll figure something out. If I could make a hundred posts without noticing, I can write for 30 days.

Yup. Easy.

I’m already regretting this, aren’t I?

Still, thank you to everyone who reads the blog. It’s been great sharing all this writing that would otherwise just stay within the pages of a notebook.

I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and the upcoming writing.

Anonymously yours,