What shatters the darkness.

young adult old soul magic realism writing escapril 2020

How many dawns have you witnessed? And I don’t mean days, but really, the slow ascension of the sun up the sky, the breaking of the first light that shatters the darkness, creating cracks in it for the light to pour into.

And for every dawn, how much darkness have you endured? How many times have you sat in the pitch-blackness of night until you couldn’t tell where it ended and where you began? How many times have you just had to wait, reconciling yourself with every excruciating minute because there was nothing else to do?

Nothing to do but wait.



And hope.

Hope that the dawn will come and trust that nothing lasts forever. Not the light, not the darkness.

Note: So, it’s April again and I am trying my hand once more at Escapril, an open poem/short fiction writing event that lasts all of April.

I hope you are all doing wonderfully and are keeping safe and enjoying many beautiful dawns.