Taking a new step forward


Without me looking, 2 years have passed in a blur of weeks and posts that were never quite ready to be published on time. I never imagined I would keep something up for 2 years, or that I would be any good at it. But it has brought me so much, from the things I’ve been able to write to the people I have met here. At the very least, blogging has made me believe in my own abilities a little more.

I’ve said it time and again, that I’m not really a “good” writer. I’ve got so much yet to learn. But I want to have a little more faith in what I do. I want to believe in the kind words people have gone out of their way to say to me. I want to honour the time spent, both yours and mine, on this blog. Soooo, I’m taking a step forward and actually participating in a writing competition. A sortof big deal kind of writing competition.

I’m not making it out to be a big deal, I’m not in it to win, I think I just want to say “I am here.”. But I will be giving it my best shot, too. It’ll be one of the first fictional stories I will be writing in a long while, but honestly, I just want to try. And see what happens or not. Win or lose, I will either gain a lot more than I bargained for or I will have the satisfaction of having no regrets.

Most of all, I cannot thank you enough for these 2 years. It’s been much more than I could have expected. I really hope it’s been worth the while for you.

With endless thanks,


Hello WordPress,

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing. And reading so many people’s works. I’ve missed interacting with really great bloggers, reading things that make me want to re-read them, the way you listen to a song on repeat.

But I guess sometimes life happens, and you can’t really help it.

I’m making this sound sad, but it really isn’t. I mean, I got a job!

A pretty nice one. In a pretty cool place. Doing one of the things I enjoy most: writing. Now, I’m not writing novels or editing them. But I’m writing still, so I’m grateful. I mean, for some perspective: I’m a millennial in 2018 and I got a job in my field of studies which also happens to be something I like. I’m really, really grateful.

I’m not sure why, but I felt the need to give an update. To write that I will be writing more. That hopefully, my writing will be able to get back to the way it was (in some way) before I stopped writing regularly this month.

Thank you for everything, all you cool people who make up WordPress. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for writing the amazing things you write and letting me discover them.

It’s good to be back. Hopefully, this’ll last.